Sea glass

If I were a better writer than I am, or maybe a different one, then I’d be able to write a powerful poem or song about Sea glass.

If you’re not familiar with it, Sea glass is those little multicoloured gems of glass that you find on beaches, the kind of thing that excited five-year-olds can call “special treasure” – but actually come from the power of the sea working its magic on discarded bottles.
What struck me was how, in so many ways, we are all like Sea glass. Aak any teenager and often we can end up feeling quickly broken by life, our sharp edges visible for all to see and making us hard to handle.
But actually, once the tides of life roll us up and down the beach of existence often enough, then the worst of these edges can disappear. Not only that, but as we keep being rolled and rollled and rolled, we can end up polished by events.

So, as Michael Stipe advises us, “hold on” and the years may take the broken pieces and burnish us through events into something that people can see sparkle and treasure as something special.

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